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ahem. RAWR.

This will be short – I’m not leaving 14SEPT.. pushed again, “18SEPT”. New rule, completely ingnore that date as anything to go off.. I’ll call when I’m IN KUWAIT.

new pics

check the gallery, backgrounds and in sector specifically.

R&R Plans

It has been said at least once that I need to have some sort of plan for all the things I’d like to attempt to cram into my two weeks of freedom. As far as I can tell this is to give people that aren’t me some idea what’s on my plate, I’m not trying to have a schedule, but I guess if other folks know I want to do this, they won’t get all pissed off if I don’t do something they think I want to do. That said, here are some things I’m going to try to knock out while I’m home – if you find me doing any of these things, don’t get offended if I ignore suggestions to do something else. Here we go:

  • Buy my SV650 and get my motorcycle license
  • Visit with family in the “Golden Triangle”
  • Hang out with old friends – this likely entails the consumption of alcoholic beverages like expensive German beer.
  • Shoot my Nighthawk, Colt, S&W, Winchester, and anything else I’m forgetting.
  • Ride down to one of the music stores (H&H or Guitar Center) and pick up a Boss GT8 to replace my broken GT3 with.
  • Pick up yet another 2.5″ laptop drive for my enclosure, and attempt to RMA the dead 80GB I have now.
  • Check out the live music/club scene in Houston.
  • Play guitar, a lot.

There you have it, my short list of things to cram into my two weeks of R&R. I can probably knock a lot of the “buy this” stuff out in one day, but there’s plenty up there that I’m going to do my best to make a recurring deal (guitar, live music/club, beer). That’s all for now.

FSAE, no. Pro Touring, YES!

Alright, so I’ve scrapped the FSAE idea – mostly because even if I could build one car for $18k, there’s nowhere I could *drive* it w/o building more than one for safety testing. Screw that.

If you think that’ll keep me from spending several thousand dollars on a vehicle with no real-world practicality, you are sorely mistaken. The world of pro-touring has held my interest for quite some time now, and I figure hell I may as well do it. Basically you take an old muscle car, and use modern technology to make it do things like cruise comfortably over 170mph, handle reasonably well, and just plain look awesome.

My current idea is a 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, with a modified (possibly turbocharged?) LS2 Gen III small block, 6 speed tranny, and some big fat wheels to put the power to the ground. If I can get a ’70 Monte Carlo to be fun to drive through the twisties, and eat up 1/4 mile in under 12 seconds, I’ll be happy. More to follow when I have time.

R&R in 3 weeks

w00t pretty much sums this up. Sept. 14th, I should be outta here on my way home for my 2 week break from a thing they like to call war. Seeing as I’ll be traveling 14,000 miles in two weeks, if you want to see me over R&R I’d suggest putting those long spans of asphault and concrete to use and coming my house.

Doing the guard thing again.

They’ve got me doing that whole tower guard thing again. It is way hotter this time around than it was on previous guard rotations. There’s really nothing to even take pictures of from this tower, so unless I get buzzed by an Apache or something, I probably won’t be taking any pictures this time around. My shift totally screws my guitar playing time, which is a no-go in my book, but this should be about the last thing I do before I finally get to go home on R&R. That’s about it for now.

New stuff posted

I put a few more pictures from my last trip to the PJCC in the Gallery. I also recorded some acoustic mojo, check here for “Em Thing”.

In other news it’s been really hot, and really bright out. Roughly a month from now I should be home on R&R – and I can’t wait. Things to do, people to see, beer to drink. That’s about it, nothing profound today.

edited to fix a broken link on the recordings page

CAD and racecar fantasyland

A long time ago, in a land far away – I took a course or two in at least one 2D and one 3D CAD/CAM application. I’ve also spent more than a little bit of time around more than one kind of race car – and automobiles in general. I posted before about the desire to build a glorified shifter-cart type vehicle, and I was quite serious. Seeing as it isn’t exactly something you just up and buy – I’ve gotta start from ground zero.

Enter Qcad, 2D CAD software that’s allegedly compatible with AutoCAD formats – and free (in Linux anyway). It has its quirks to be sure – trying to trim lines at an intersection required far more use of the mouse than would be considered acceptable in any AutoCAD course. As far as I can tell, not a single keyboard command is the same as it is in AutoCAD, and for many frequently used commands in technical drawings there simply is no keyboard command – just menus of icons. It does however work, and right now, that’s all that matters.

I’ll be doing a preliminary drawing of nothing but the bottom of the frame as one layer, I fully intend to do an isometric drawing or four in order to capture the 3rd dimension later. Usually one does this kind of work with actual materials and intended parts to measure and be accurate with. Given my location, this is purely mental – and a SWAG at best. That’s the beauty of CAD though, once I have the basic shape, I can quite easily extend/trim lines, change angles, and make a conceptual inital drawing into something that could actually be built by someone able to use tools. Lucky for me I’m one such person. Jack of all trades, master of a few more ;)

The stories that never make it to the “real” media

Some may gawk, gasp, and be otherwise taken back by my lack of respect for the proper media. That’d be the folks that report only the sensational news that applies to their own personal agenda. This agenda is typically against anything that either supports troops, hints at progress in any of our combat zones, or gives an inkling of respect for a Republican in any branch of government. The big names are all guilty. It goes, naturally, both ways. There’s at least one major network that spins it the other way. In short, if you want to know what actually does go on in Iraq – from a no shit standpoint, go here. If you want to know what happens in my AO, look for briefs by the 42nd ID PAO. If the brief mentions the 3rd BCT – that’s us.

It only tells one side of the story, usually in short and to the point briefs of what actually happened. Anyway, I felt I should put it out there so maybe a few more people read it and see what’s really going on. After seeing a report or two citing death tolls in specific civilian attacks that were inaccurate even after the real figures were given to said media outlets – I figured the real story might be interesting to someone.

the fruits of…

… not having anything to do and really needing to stay awake. I went through pretty much my entire Gallery and added captions to all the pictures (except the backgrounds, and a few of the unimportant Army ones). So, now there’s some context to go with the images. Go forth, browse the gallery, and leave comments people that’s what the feature exists for. rawr. I’m going to play some guitar, maybe record some noodling. Sounds fun to me.

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