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Love the bike

Yes, I’m obsessed. I’m all about the Suzuki. Not only is it fast (more than fast enough for me anyway), it gets over 45mpg no matter how I ride it around town. This last tank? 57mpg. Very awesome. Costs me less than $10 to fill up, and it’s good for about 230 – 240 miles per tank – roughly the same as my old Camaro, which would take $45 to fill up. Yay.

got license?

Finally got my Class M license today. I can now ride the Suzuki whenever I want. Way cool.

On the go again

We’re back in Katy now, the cars were driven home last night – we woke up early and drove back to College Station to pickup our motorcycles (my SV650S and my Dad’s Goldwing.) Instead of taking the typical Hwy 6 to 290 to 359 to I-10 route back from College Station – we went all crazy through the backroads. The backroads were much more fun, and twisty. Everyone knows twist + motorcycle = fun. About 3/4 through the trip (and sadly after all the twisty fun) I found the optimal riding position. For the majority of my riding I’ve been sitting too far back in the saddle – wreaking havoc on my thumbs, not so much my wrists, but my thumbs. Anyway, further up on the tank, and the riding position is more kind to my hands, better throttle control, and it handles better in deep leans. That is all for now. I love my bike.

Range Report: Nighthawk Custom Enforcer

I finally made it out to shoot my bobtailed Enforcer from Nighthawk Custom. In short, this pistol is top notch. The fit and finish is nothing short of amazing. Everything fits snug without any play, but you don’t need tools and voodoo to strip it. For this session I did a little of everything, but only used one target, so it’s kind of hard to illustrate the accuracy well. I shot mostly modified weaver both stronghand and weakhand, but I also ran two magazines of single hand shooting from both hands.

230 rounds were run through the pistol, in a 20 minute period. I would have spent more time, and given more care to my marksmanship but time was an issue. Really the mission here was to shoot to my confidence level in the pistol before Hurricane Rita made landfall. Ammo used was as follows: 200 rounds of Winchester Value Pack 230gr ball ammo, 15 rounds of Winchester 230gr SXT JHPs, and 15 rounds of 200gr +P Cor-Bon. The Cor-Bon was fired last, and on the second round the Enforcer failed to go completely into battery. I attribute this single failure to me, myself, and I. The firing of the first Cor-Bon round was not entirely intentional, and my grip was such that I almost lost the pistol. At any rate, it went about 98% into battery, a nudge on the slide serrations with my firing hand’s thumb was enough, and the rest ran smoothly. I must say, I do not remember that kind of recoil from the 200gr +P load from Cor-Bon when shot out of my Combat Commander, but it was cold and my hands were numb then, so that could account for the difference.

The target below is 100 rounds of WVP. The first 3 shots were all touching, distance was 45 feet (the max at the indoor range). In the first 100 rounds I fired the first 32 rounds single shot with a good sight picture for each, modified weaver stronghand from 25 feet. The next 32 rounds were fired as controlled pairs, and the remaining ammo was fired as quickly as I could get a flash sight picture, squeeze the trigger, and change magazines all from 25 feet as well. Color me impressed.

100 rounds from the Enforcer

Here’s one of the Enforcer after all the shooting, she’s dirty but I love her anyway.

Enforcer after 230rds

First Ride

Hurricane Rita made it highly logical to get the hell out of Houston – so I did the only sane thing you can do. Grabbed my stuff, hoped on the Suzuki, and rode to College Station. I can’t say enough about the SV650S. It’s got gobs of torque, great handling, awesome brakes, and it’s pretty comfortable to boot. Even keeping it under 5000 RPM for the break-in period, it’ll get up and go real quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Hurricane Rita..

… looks like she wants to park her fat bloated ass on top of Houston. Oh joy. I’m in College Station at my sister’s house, with my pistols, and my motorcycle. This is kind of screwing up my R&R.

en route!

17 0638Z SEP 2005 – Depart FOB Warhorse for LSA Anaconda

17 0750Z SEP 2005 – Arrive LSA Anaconda

17 2305Z SEP 2005 – Depart LSA Anaconda for Ali Al Salem, Kuwait.

18 0018Z SEP 2005 – Arrive Ali Al Salem, Kuwait.

19 0012Z SEP 2005 – Depart Ali Al Salem, Kuwait for Shannon, Ireland.

19 1030Z SEP 2005 – Arrive Shannon, Ireland (after layover in Budapest, don’t remember what time it was, I was asleep)

19 1306Z SEP 2005 – Arrived in Houston, to a happy family.

There were other stops, but I don’t remember the times. I stopped in Canada for gas, and had a layover in Dallas where I spent time w/ my Uncle. One hell of a long trip, but I’m home now.


So I’m packing right now, I leave tomorrow morning assuming nothing changes in the next 19 hours. w00t.

Which one?

So I’m at this point where I have two things I want – and no clear sign as to which one to get. I need to replace my broken Boss GT3, with the new Boss GT8. I also want a digital SLR camera, specifically the Canon Digital Rebel XT. The camera body alone is twice as much as the GT8, and I still need lenses. I can probably swing the GT8, and the body with maybe a not-so-great kit lense, but I’ll be SOL as far as getting any nice glass goes.

What to do, what to do.

edit: ok, so I bought the Digital Rebel XT, and a lense for it. Something tells me I’ll buy a GT8 too.

Dating Qualifications

This was inspired by the ever-silly Melly, and is brought to you by 8 hours of bordem in Iraq. Enjoy.

Trust -
This is numero uno folks. If I can’t trust you, I can’t date you. I might talk to you, the very nature of my work requires I associate with many people and items I do not trust, but there is roughly a snowball’s chance in hell I will date someone that isn’t trustworthy (again). If you wonder what constitutes trustworthy, you are quite likely lacking in that department and need not apply.

Intelligence -
Yes folks, I said it – intelligence is a major factor for me. I’m a geek. Though there are a few decisions in my history that may not stand out as being driven by sheer brilliance, I’m not stupid. If I can’t talk to you at more than a 6th grade level there’s little chance of anything working out. This isn’t to say you have to want to come by, and make up random physics problems, just to see if we can solve them before the pizza shows up. However, you should have the brains to at least understand what I’m talking about. Anyway, smart is hot.

Funny -
Laughing is fun, and is about the only ab workout I actually enjoy. Classifying the multiple types of humor is difficult, but I’m pretty open to all of them. Sarcastic, slapstick, dirty, cheesy – really it all has it’s place. I’m pretty sarcastic/cheesy myself. Make me laugh, I’ll try to return the favor.

Outgoing/Adventurous -
Staying home, watching something on TV, and having a beer or 3 is fine by me. Never wanting to go out, and do something crazy and exciting, is not. Someone called me dangerous today, but I think she was confused – I do dangerous things, unless you’re trying to kill me I’m not personally dangerous, but rather adventurous. In short, bring some excitement to the table – you want to go skydiving? Sweet, lets do it. Ya dig?

Responsible/Mature -
I probably should have put this earlier, but really it should go without saying. You don’t necessarily have to be older than me (22) to attain an appropriate level of maturity. Responsibility should have been covered over a decade ago for anyone considered a legal adult in the USA. If I do something stupid, I’m going to own up to it, and deal with the consequences. I expect nothing less from anyone I date. Note: ‘Drunk’ is neither an excuse, nor a reason, for anything. Using it as such will push one of my biggest buttons hard.

Secure/Confident -
Be sure of yourself. Everyone has their insecurities, just don’t let them get in the way of life. This kind of ties into trust, and maturity too – if I say I’m going out with the guys to drink beer and talk about guy stuff – that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Do not freak out, and immediately assume I’m going out to replace you with a newer model. I’ve had the same guitar pick for 11 years, if it ain’t broke I don’t fix it. So don’t worry about senseless stuff.

This is where I end this thought. I don’t personally think there’s anything irrational about any of that, but feel free to comment either way

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