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Got a truck

When I came in to work yesterday, I got a great e-mail from my Dad. Long story short I’ve got a 97 Chevy truck, extended cab, with pretty much the works as far as options goes. No more waiting to borrow other people’s trucks to haul stuff. If everything goes as planned, I won’t put many miles on it over the course of a year. I can’t say the same for the SV, I plan on riding it enough that buying stock in Michelin would be a good move.

Holy Frost Batman

Ok, so I walk out of my tent the other day, and I’ll be a son of a mother… frost on top of the tents. Yeah, water in the solid state. I’m not all about the cold, and that’s below my limit of sanity right there. Anyway, it’s still cold, but I’m outta here soon so I guess I can just deal with it.

In other news, I needed music so I figured I’d use my iPaq. A few months back, one of my roommates dropped it, and knocked the battery out for like 3 days causing a total loss of all settings and user-installed applications. This also wiped whatever was keeping my SD slot from working out. I got a 256MB SD card, and a 1GB CF card for the HP 2215, and now have a few playlists of my favorite songs to rock out to. Good stuff. I might actually start using the iPaq again now, who knows.

In a tent again

So right now I live in a tent, and really it’s awesome. Cots are the single coolest thing ever. Ok, I’m lying – living with about 50 other dudes is about the least cool thing you can imagine. I should be leaving Iraq the first week of January, and arriving at Ft. Benning early the 2nd week of January. I’ll be taking the MSF course the last weekend in January so I can ride my motorcycle, hopefully I have a truck/SUV to drive in the two weeks between getting back, and taking the course. Anyway, time for me to go pull my last guard shift.

Moving out…

I’ll be moving to different living facilities tomorrow, and thus losing my internet connection. I should still be able to check e-mail and whatnot at the office, if/when I manage to make it in there after guard. Target for coming home is early Jan., I’ll inform the appropriate people when I know more.

Say “Happy Holidays”..

.. to me on Christmas, and see if I don’t break your nose. That’s right, I’m not politically correct – and I’m a Christian to boot. If you give, or recieve a single gift on or around Christmas, you’re celebrating Christmas not the “holidays“. Please seek psychological counsel if you can not see this, or at least return to the 3rd grade for some ability to logically process information.

Holiday Trees do not exist, they have these green things that smell nice, leave needles all over your floor, and get decorated – and they call them Christmas Trees. There is no room for if, and, or but here. If you disagree, join your gift recieving nay sayer sitting awkwardly in a 3rd grade desk for a bit of that learned rationale you apparently missed so many years ago.

Let us be realistic here for just one moment, Christian or not, the Christmas season has long been a traditional time to spread cheer, and good will among friends, family, and even complete strangers. Even if you worship the shiny rock that protrudes oddly from the edge of your driveway, Christmas is still the time of year where you can walk 20 feet and find a way to help the poor and needy. If that’s not a big deal to you, please do show me a better time of year to buy gear and gadgets, as a gearaholic I’d love to save the extra cash.

Out here in Iraq, I have no less than four Christmas trees. Thanks to complete strangers from a state I’ve never even been to, and to my Mom. So, I say to you all – Merry Christmas.

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