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To the “mountains”

When I wake up, I’m going to pack up some clothes, and general camping gear and head out to Suches, GA. I plan on camping at Two Wheels Only. Granted, I have to find a tent first, it doesn’t seem that anywhere in Columbus sells decent two or one man tents. If I can’t find a suitable one, I’ll buy some ponchos, a tarp, and some 550 cord and do it that way. Anyway, I’m planning on taking this route to get there. It should be fun.

I will refrain…

.. from using the string of profanity running through my mind right now. Block leave has been changed, pushed forward. My summer plans, are now a giant NO-GO. Really, this couldn’t be any cooler if it tried, I think I’ll go re-enlist right now for the rest of my life. That’s how much I love the Army. If you can’t tell I’m joking, go get your sarcasm detector fixed. RAWR.

Son of a…

I love my guitar stuff, really I do – only I really shouldn’t have brought so much crap back to the barracks. My Boss GT-8 has caused a bit of blood loss this morning, as it attacked my left pinky toe right as I got out of the shower. I failed to realize that I was bleeding everywhere prior to stepping on my throw rug, which now has a nice blood stain or three on it.

Of course removing most of the skin from your toe requires some medical supplies, and being as prepared as I am – all of my stuff is in the back of my motorcycle, down four flights of stairs. Splendid. Naturally, such things never happen when you’re fully clothed, so I had to attempt to get dressed without bleeding all over everything, and then make it to the SV without getting any sand/dirt in my toe. Awesome right?

Anywho, I cleaned it up with Bactine, put some Neosporin on it, and wrapped my toe with a gauze strip held on tightly with athletic tape. We’ll see how much it hurts in about three hours.

Inside Man

All I can say is go see it. NOW! Good movie, though really when was the last time Denzel was in a movie that just sucked? Yeah I don’t remember either.

Avoid at all costs

If you value your time, or money – maybe even both, I strongly advise you not even consider watching either Ultraviolet or The Hills Have Eyes. Neither of these “films” are worth even stealing, were it possible to ask for a refund on time, I’d request those hours of my life back.

So Fresh and So Clean

I finally got around to washing my motorcycle today. Last night I bought a bucket, some Meguiar’s car wash soap, a wash mit, tire brush, chamois, some terry cloth towels, and a can of Meguiar’s wax. Seeing as I don’t have a water hose here, I also picked up a 2 gal. Ortho garden sprayer to rinse the bike off with.

The sprayer works great for rinsing the bike, and the wax I picked up while somewhat abrasive leaves a smooth and shiny finish. I really only waxed the bike to make cleaning bug guts off an easier task. One thing that stood out when washing the SV was the fact that I definitely need to clean and lube my chain after the thunderstorm that blew threw the other day. Quite a lot of dirt was blown into my chain from the construction site it’s parked near. Tomorrow or Saturday I will clean and lube the chain again, I’ll likely adjust it too because it can’t hurt. Hopefully by Tuesday morning I have over 4000 miles on the clock.

Savannah for St. Patty’s Day.

This weekend gave me more than a few reasons to load up my bike and head for Savannah. Beautiful weather, free lodging, one of the biggest parties in the country, and the chance to see a good friend before he moves back to Ohio. Along the way I took a bunch of pictures, which I will be posting to flickr at some point today or tomorrow. Important discoveries were made in my travels as well, namely freeways suck, and packing a wind and rain blocking layer is very smart.

From Columbus, GA to Savannah, GA – via Pine Mountain – 312 miles.

  • US 27 to GA 190 @ Pine Mountain.
  • GA 190 until it dead-ends and turn left on GA 41.
  • GA 41 will intersect GA 36 after a dozen miles or so, turn left on GA 36
  • Take GA 36 into some small town, and follow the signs for US 19 and turn right.
  • Take US 19 to the US 80 East exit and turn left.
  • US 80 goes all the way into Savannah, or if you feel like superslabbing it hop on I-16 when you get there in Macon, GA. I don’t advise I-16, 160 miles of flat, boring, straight freeway.

Savannah, GA to Columbus, GA – 275 miles.

  • Take I-16 out of Savannah to US 280
  • US 280 West to Columbus

The ride there was great, beautiful scenery, fun turns – right up to the point where I got gettheritus and jumped on the freeway. 7k RPM vibration to the backside for 162 miles with no turning makes for a great case of monkey butt. The ride back was very nice though – blast through some curves for 15 to 20 miles between towns, tucked down behind my windscreen, and then slowing down and changing positions to go through the scattered little towns. After the ride back there was no monkey butt.

Pine Mountain Set, Savannah Set, Ft. Pulaski Set

Suzuki SV650S on GA 190 headed across Pine Mountain


Yeah, so yesterday I actually went shopping – for clothes. This is clearly not natural, and I should probably seek professional help to figure out what circuit in my brain needs replacing.


Went out to Fryar Field today to take some pictures of the current Aiborne class jumping. An officer I know got me onto the drop zone for some pretty good angles.

Rough Landing

The rest of the pictures are here.

National Infantry Museum

Flickr photo set pics from earlier today. All taken on main post at FBGA, with my Canon 350D and my Sigma 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lense. I’ve got filters on the way (UV, circular polarizer, and warming for each of my lenses.)

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