Not too long ago I was met with the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Over the course of this deployment I have come into contact, either directly or indirectly, with numerous people that had never been exposed to the sonic joys of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, or even Metallica. My initial feelings upon each instance of this insanity were a mixture of horror and shock. Those feelings were followed by a sense of doom, and confirmation that the world was in fact nearing its end.

History has produced quite a lot of excellent music, in a variety of genres. By the same token, there has been an even larger explosion of complete crap, which for some reason has grown increasingly popular. In an attempt to save the world, I think I shall go on a mission to spread the seeds of diversity through a selection of good music. I do, after all, have a .org – so the proliferation of good music will be my mission and my cause. If you wish to join the fight against horrible music, by all means do so – but the second I see Fergie pop up in one of your playlists, I’ll nuke it faster than a 2000w microwave.