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Day 211 – Day 213

Day 213

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Applying to school as a transfer student is a huge pain in my backside. Were I actually at home, where I have immediate physical access to my records from the three colleges I’ve attended in the past, perhaps things would be different. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in Iraq with nothing but super-slow internet to dig for information. My applications to UT and Texas State are nearly complete, save for a few bits of info it looks like I’ll have to pay for. By the end of October, I hope to have both applications sent off. Hopefully I’ve got a least half a leg up over the competition coming out of my youngest sister’s high school friends. Who’d have thought I would be applying for college at the same time as my baby sister?

Day 208 – Day 210

Day 210

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I’m a little busy with the whole looking at schools thing right now, and my neck is killing me because I apparently “slept wrong”. Sorry this isn’t very interesting today. For a bit of background my number once choice is Mechanical Engineering at UT Austin. Should that fail to present itself as a realistic option, I’m also looking at various other majors at UT, Texas State, and Southwestern. Generally along the lines communications/journalism, or even a “social science”.

Day 205 – Day 207

Day 205

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OOoo look, I smiled. Apparently I don’t do that enough, so there you have it – a real smile! Actually, it’s fake, but who really cares? There hasn’t be much going on here, but apparently there’s plenty going on back home. You’ve got the Jena 6, and some ridiculously racist shmucks in nowhere Louisiana. Really, was anyone surprised that there are racist morons in nowhere Louisiana? Be honest with yourself, equality is non-existent in the US of A. The good ol’ boys club is still quite healthy, but then racism is a busy street and isn’t limited to country bumpkin white folk hating on “colored people”. That said, I’m not sure you can really call it racism – it all boils right down to hate and ignorance, and the whole of society is guilty. People, for whatever reason, fear that which is different.

Moving away from the obvious, I’ve decided I’ll be putting in a vote for my district representative to relocate his D.C office to the White House. After digging through voting history, supported bills, and general background on the full gamut of Presidential Candidates, it’s clear to me that Congressman Ron Paul is the only one that is consistently in line with the Constitution, as opposed to any political party. Considering that the single greatest enemy to a document I swore to protect and defend happens to be our own government – I’d be guilty of failing to uphold an oath were I to cast my vote for anyone else. So, if you happen to think that the Constitution actually means something, and that perhaps the founders of our nation were a little smarter than your average bear, you might want to consider voting for Ron Paul as well. To say that we, as a nation, are in need of some serious change on Capitol Hill, would be the understatement of a lifetime. It is my opinion that Ron Paul happens to be best suited to lead that change.

On another front, the powers that be have elected to give quite a few soldiers quite a lot of extra leave dates upon redeployment to home station. By my math, I’ll be looking at extra leave in excess of 25 days. Combining that with my current ETS balance, I’ll have something in the ballpark of 61 days of terminal leave when I get back. What does all of that mean in plain English? By the time I turn 25, I might well be a civilian again, and probably already halfway around the country on my motorcycle. There was a bit of worry that I might not make it out of the Army before the Fall ’08 semester starts, but it looks like that worry is now unfounded. Along the same lines, apparently I’ll start getting extra cash in February. The extra cash will be saved or invested in some way, since I wasn’t planning on having it in the first place.

The End.

Day 202 – Day 204

Day 204

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Considering how little I actually like to read, I always find it amusing just how much reading I tend to do while deployed. In a short few days, I managed to read through several hundred pages of motorcycle magazines, to include stories that don’t interest me at all. When I look at what I currently have planned, and the financial position successfully accomplishing any of it will require, I can’t help but also notice I could just scrap all of that, live in a tent, and blow my savings on a racebike. Few people would be likely to suggest that course of action, and I’d bet at least 95% of the people I know will say even a flashing consideration of such a thing is insane. They’re probably all right, but I could do it. Too bad money doesn’t grow on trees.

Day 199 – Day 201

Day 201

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Over the last few days I’ve read several issues of Roadracing World, which naturally makes me want to spend more money on motorcycles. There happens to be an entire series now for v-twin sportbikes, an endurance series even. Someone clearly was inside my head, since that sounds perfect to me. One day I might just have to buy another SV, and outfit it for competition in that series. I definitely miss my motorcycle.

Day 196 – Day 198

Day 198

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Hunting season is ramping up, yet I’m a few thousand miles too far away to be concerned with such things. Finding good venison jerky shouldn’t be too hard in about a month though, so that’s good news for me (read: boxes should definitely contain jerky, of the venison variety if at all possible.) In light of yet another missed season, I’ve decided to start looking at rifles again. It dawned on me not too long ago that I haven’t purchased a firearm in around two years. My first reaction was to look for the brigade shrink, and make sure I wasn’t a screw loose somewhere. Then I realized that I hadn’t really had any time since we got back from OIF3 for any new purchases. Heck, I haven’t even shot the $2000+ custom 1911 I had built during OIF3 more than maybe 1000 rounds.

Where Texas is concerned, I’m doubtful anything walking my state can’t be killed quickly with a well placed round from my Winchester 1894 in .30-30. That said, my 1894 will remain my go-to rifle for hunting, at least in Texas. One day though, I plan on making a trip to shoot some of North America’s larger game, like Elk. In light of that fact, I’m going to pick up a Savage 110GXP3 in 7mm Remington Magnum. Put that round where it needs to go, anywhere under about 500m, and it packs more than enough punch to be very effective. The Simmons scope that comes will that Savage will likely disappear in short order, in favor of a Leupold, but it’ll work for punching holes in paper to build up a good 7mm Rem. Mag. load.

In other news, the route I posted below is looking like it’ll be tons of fun. Before I take off, I’ve got some work to do on the SV. Namely the addition of hard luggage, and the crafting of some brilliant way to carry my photography equipment AND a tent. There’s also the fact I’ll be covering around 10,000 miles, and my current tires/chain/spockets have around 7000 miles on them already. There’s no way the tires will make the entire trip, so I’ll likely replace them before I even start, and plan on changing them out again when they look like they’ve had enough of a beating. I’ll probably buy a chain and sprocket set, just to keep in my luggage in case I decide they need to be replaced. Should I have time to ride, before I clear out of the Army, I’ll hit 14,000 on my bike before I leave – which should cover everything else mechanically speaking when I have the 14k-mile service done. New brakes, checking the torque on all my bolts, a tune up, and a few other odds and ends should get me well prepared to head off. Hopefully I don’t run into any mechanical problems along the way. The SV has been great for the last 13k, and hasn’t given me any trouble at all, so hopefully the next 10k go by just as smoothly.

Lap Around America

Lap Around America

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I said I’d post the route when I figure it out, so here you have it – or a screenshot of the route anyway. One day I’ll get around to uploading the actual route files. What you see is just shy of 10,000 miles. Should be fun.

Day 195

Day 195

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Dust. I hate dust. Unfortunately it is windy all the time now, and the dust won’t stop flying. I walk through walls of sand every, single, day. RAWR. That is all.

Day 190 – 192


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We launched some rockets out of our GMLRS the other day, I got some video, it was pretty cool. That’s about the only thing that comes to mind right now. A box chock full of motorcycle magazines came in the other day, so I’ve been reading through those at work, and passing them off to the rest of the folks I work with. Part of me has the urge buy another gun or three, so I might look into that one. One day, I will head to the mountains and take an elk or something huge and delicious, so perhaps I buy a new rifle for that task. I did finish watching Heroes, and definitely want to see the next season. That’s all for now.

Day 187 – Day 189

Apache Sunrise

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There’s still not much going on here on my end. I’m completely addicted to Heroes now, finding myself almost unable to push stop even when I should be sleeping. Sleep is for the weak anyway, or that’s what they used to tell us back in the day. Anyway, this is going to be a pretty boring update. While I was looking through the bookcase here, I spied a copy of Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse, the first Clancy book I ever read. I might have to re-read it, I loved that book over a decade ago.

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