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What fine choices…

Another look at the wacky world of Election 2008, brace yourself. Presently our choices for President seem to include a pair that make up the first black man, and the first woman with any serious chance of becoming elected, as well as a former POW. The first two are running on the exact same “issues”, and are presently engaged in the mudslinging contest to end all mudslinging contests. The third is frankly no more a Republican than Ted Nugent is a vegan (sorry to drag you into this Mr. Nuge.)

The official Democratic option, and yes I mean that in the singular sense as they are one in the same where policy is concerned, allows for two individuals I can never begin to support. One with a sheer lack of any relevant experience and an interesting take on his quite overtly racist “crazy uncle” of a pastor. The other rides the on the tails of a known philanderer confused with the definition of “is”. She also “misremembers” sniper fire. Lest anyone be confused, you do not forget coming under fire – direct or indirect.

The unofficial Democratic option (also seemingly the official Republican option) is consistently unable to decide on which side of the isle he should sit. Furthermore, he openly supports (if not directly sponsors) bills clearly at odds with a document he’s sworn at least twice to uphold, and once to defend. At no point will I ever discredit his military service, and deeply respect him for the same. That said, I simply can not approve of his legislative record at all, nor can I support the platform on which is runs for President.

As it stands, it seems the majority of the voting public in America has bought into rhetoric, and ignored logic and fact at all costs. How else could these three individuals rise to the upper levels of their respective primaries? None of them has a record of fiscal responsibility, none have taken a realistic approach to national security, and to a man (or woman) all have demonstrated a lack of personal responsibility many times. This is who we want to lead our country for at least another four years? God help us.

Day 390

Day 390

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Creeping up on my 400th day of OIF5. The mercury is rising fast again, my cue that this is almost over. Soon enough I’ll be on my way back to the US, college, and a little thing I like to call MyLife™. Stay tuned.

Day 379 – not many more to go

Day 379

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I’m sitting on a stack of footlockers, packed up and locked, in my photo. Things are shaping up nicely to my return home, and I’m pretty glad it’s almost over. Really I don’t have a whole heck of a lot to say right now, I’m pretty much just waiting as patiently as I can to get out of the Army. The only newsworthy thing I’ve done in the last few days was applying for the New Mexico elk draw in one of the units that borders Colorado. If I draw a tag, I’ll have to make some serious plans to try and get in a successful hunt up there. I applied antlerless only, since I’m only after meat right now. We’ll see how it all works out.

Almost time…

Day 374

Originally uploaded by Anthony J. Martinez pack my guitar up. Usually this causes some insanity, but hopefully the time between packing the guitar up, and getting home where I have more guitars is pretty short.

Winding Down

My time here in Iraq is drawing near its end, and that’s pretty much the best news I can imagine for 2008. Winning the lottery would probably be up there too, but I’d have to play for that to even be remotely possible. Right now, I’m rather hopeful that my separation from the Army will occur early enough for me to get my motorcycle ready for a trip around the country at a nice, enjoyable, leisurely pace. I should also have plenty of time to jump back into the civilian workforce, and get the ball rolling in college again. As of now, I’m almost completely packed up and ready to go. In fact, were someone to instruct me to be ready to fly in an hour, I could easily accomplish that task.

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