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A few observations…

  1. Gas is crazy expensive
  2. I have spent more money on clothes in the last four days, than I have in any other year(s) – combined.
  3. People still don’t know how to drive
  4. When you don’t drink any coffee at all for over 400 days, and have a cappuccino w/ caramel and whipped cream – you kind of lose your mind.
  5. mmmm beer.

I’m back!

Sometime around 1400hrs I finally made it back to Ft. Benning, GA. My second tour is officially over, and if I have any say in things, there’s no way in heck I’m ever going back to Iraq. Anywho, I have a new cell phone number. Chances are, if I have your number it is already in the new phone. I’ve got lots of calls to make tomorrow, so I’m sure most folks will get the new number soon enough. That’s all.


Well I’m stuck here in Kuwait for at least a week. Life could be worse, I could be in Iraq still. This screws up a planned event or two, and cost a lot of families money and time they’ll never get back, but at least we’ll be home at some point in the future. I hope, for the sake of those that will still be in this unit during the next rotation, that they finally figure out how to plan the redeployment piece. For me, we’re definitely a no-go at redeploying.

Short ‘n Final

Well folks, it’s about time to stick a fork in this deployment. If all goes as planned, I should be back on US soil in time for the weekend. Steak, beer, here I come!

Run For the Fallen

Run For the Fallen will honor 1LT Michael J. Cleary, one of the fine men the 1st Battalion 15th Infantry Regiment lost in combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom III, as well as the many others to have fallen during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Though I will not be cleared out of the Army in time to start the run with the group, and have to be back in school before it ends – I will be altering my motorcycle route around the country so I can run at least a mile for every Sledgehammer soldier to have fallen during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I’d like to ask anyone interested to support this in any way they can, run a few miles – run all the miles, bike, motorcycle, volunteer in some way. If I ever saw an honorable cause, this is it. There is more information on the website I linked.

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