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Run for the Fallen

The final day was really nice, and I’m glad I got to participate. My legs are killing me now, but that’s a small price to pay for such a great living memorial. I’ll have photos up before too long.

on guard

on guard

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Taken out front of the Texas Capitol Building. I love it when an idea works out the way I want it to, I hate it when that same idea shows me that my sensor is dirty, again.

yay internet!

Finally got internet up and running at my apartment. Booting m0n0wall on the net4801 went well, and is doing a good job of routing right now. Picked up an AirPort Express with AirTunes to use as an AP, works well. My laserjet is shared through the AirPort, and my stereo is hooked to it as well. Now I can be extra lazy and use Remote from my iPhone to control my laptop’s iTunes library from the living room, while it streams the music over our wifi with AirTunes. It’s pretty sweet. Now I just need my laptop back so I actually have a computer with music in the iTunes library.

Who needs a studio?

Lighting Practice

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When you can just use a light colored wall and some strobes? I’d still like a pair of AB800s, and some softboxes, but for now what I have works. Getting better snoots and grids would be a nice addition to what I have now, and probably travel a lot better than my foamboard and duct tape creations, but they get the job done. Getting the focus right for a self portrait fully qualifies as a pain in the butt.


Somehow I managed to pretty much forget I’d actually reached my ETS date, until the day was nearly over. As of 30 July, I’m only SGT part time. My period of Active Duty service is officially over. Of course, I did not get a paycheck today, because my paperwork was filed incorrectly at Fort Benning – but a few phone calls fixed that. Naturally, it will take a few days for the government to actually pay me, because they’re the government, and can take their sweet time doing anything.

This morning I went to breakfast at the VFW post here in San Marcos and met some of the guys. Picked up a part time job lead, and BSed some. Tuesday I have a meeting with another veteran’s services guy, to talk about finding employment and whatnot. It’s slow going, but at least it’s going somewhere. Even if I just do something part time and boring, steady money is always welcome. I can always do odd jobs to make up the difference until the new GI Bill makes things good for me in 2009.

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