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Breaking News: Crashing a motorcycle is not fun

Right around noon yesterday I broke my record of crash-free riding. 5yrs and somewhere around 50k miles without any accidents more involved than my motorcycle just falling over was a nice record to have. It’s gone now. In the parking lot of Lamar Institute of Technology’s Multi-purpose Center, I somehow managed to t-bone an ’08 F-150. I was not going very fast, so I didn’t fly over the truck. The truck was going fairly fast and did manage to spin my bike around about a vertical axis… at least until it hit the ground and proceeded to slide (with me under it for a bit) across the parking lot.

I definitely checked to the right before I continued with my left turn, and saw no reason not to continue. Sure, there were some SUVs in the way – but I’d think an F-150 would be apparent anyway. I looked up when I saw a blur that didn’t look right and got the bike upright while grabbing and handful of brake. That’s when things got all bullet-time (The Matrix) on me. I heard his engine rev up. I heard the sound of two vehicles colliding. I heard MY engine rev up. Sky. Ground. Sky. Ground. Sky. Thud. Scared the hell out of both of us. I just stayed on the ground looking up at the sky wondering how the hell that just happened, while the guy I hit was begging me to stand up because I was freaking him out. My mental check of my appendages didn’t really sound any alarms, so I moved to the curb and took at look at the only place I could feel pain. Just a scrape and a little swelling. EMS arrived and said I was good so I waived them off and went about my day.

I’m a little more sore today but that’s to be expected. I think I’ll go ahead and try not to ever do this again.

Couple’s shoot

Fun shoot on the Sabine Street Bridge just west of downtown Houston.

If I recall correctly, my instruction here was to “look at him like he said your friend’s shoes were ugly last night, but you thought they were really cute.” Sometimes it’s fun to change things up a bit.

Oh yeah, I’m definitely going to keep shooting film.

I developed some more film the other night. Shooting the Mamiya C3 I bought a few weeks ago is an absolute joy. The camera is a lot of fun to use and the image quality is outstanding. My film photography will likely revolve around the Mamiya once I finish the last two rolls of 35mm film I have. Film on the 35mm side is not quite as exciting, particularly since I also have an incredible full-frame DSLR, but I think I’ll still do it every now and then.

A few of the recent shots:

Papa Doc

Papa Doc, my paternal grandfather.


Grandpa, my maternal grandfather

I will post photos of my grandmothers another time. That pesky need to manually advance my film bit me on this roll and I double-exposed over my paternal grandmother. Not cool.

Grandpa shooting the 1898 Springfield

Grandpa shooting the 1898 Springfield/Krag


Stratocaster in front of Hot Rod Deville 212

A pair of firsts

Scans from my first roll of 35mm film and my first roll of 120 film are complete, so I’ll share a few I liked from each roll.


I took a photo of myself for my first frame of 35mm ever? Wow.


Statue in our back yard




Gingers by the red door






Oak Tree



Full steam ahead

On Wednesday I’ll be finished with the first round of exams in all of my classes. The engineering computing exam did not go as well as I thought, but considering I was a full 17 percent above the class average that doesn’t worry me very much. Neither my thermodynamics nor my statics grades have posted yet. Those concern me a good deal more. My thermo grade probably was not too horrible, but I’d be absolutely shocked if I got more than a 50 on the statics exam. I’m told by students who have taken the same professor in the past that scoring above a 40 generally means you’re a genius. We’ll see how that pans out this week I assume.

The team design project in my intro to mechanical design course is coming along nicely. I need to make another switch, but that should not take very long at all. To satisfy the design requirements we’ve basically made a fancy toilet. The timing is pretty perfect too. Chances are I’ll use the 5DMK2 to record some video of it in action when we finalize everything.

Early last week I picked up a Mamiya C3 twin-lens reflex camera. I paid for it with some of the cash I made when I sold my original 5D. It’s a lot of fun shooting through a waist-level finder on a fully manual camera. 6x6cm negatives are gigantic compared to 35mm negatives. I’ve got a film scanner on the way so I can get good scans from my negatives, but here’s one frame that scanned pretty well on the cheap flatbed I have now.



T-MAX 400

A while back I was given a Canon Rebel T2 35mm film SLR after I expressed an interest in doing some black and white work the old-fashioned way. Initially, the plan was to shoot the roll and then have a lab process it. I learned, rather quickly, that there’s only one place left in Houston where one can get B&W film developed. That pushed me to buy the necessary equipment to develop the film myself. Printing will have to wait until later. In the meantime I’ve got a friend scanning the negatives for me. Below are a few shots from the roll of Kodak T-MAX 400 I developed this summer.

Texas State Capitol

Texas State Capitol

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