The semester has been chugging along for nearly half the term at this point, but things are going well. Fluid mechanics makes much more sense having already taken it once. Solid mechanics is a good deal easier after you’ve been exposed to materials, fluids, and experimental methods. Since I will only be taking two courses a semester, I’m also working. My job is pretty cool, and I get to see big pieces of raw material as they transform into a finished part and then get assembled into heavy lift equipment. Yesterday, I watched my first critical lift where two cranes picked up a 70+ ton test deck and set it down on top of its piled in deck legs. The crew made it look easy.

Last weekend, I went out and tried my first public land hunt. I saw a lot of mosquitoes, a very large squirrel, and a redneck named Dale. My GPS got snapped off my gear somehow so I also got a little lost for a bit. Dead reckoning skills saved me, and I found my way right back to the road. Tonight, I’m going up to the forest again and will try to get into a tree on my new tree stand early tomorrow morning. If something tasty walks by, I’ve got some broadheads for it.