Anthony Martinez

This site is about sharing information. I started blogging many years ago using a python script I ran through a shell on an old P233MMX that acted as my webserver. The whole blogging concept didn’t really exist at that point, but I had fun with it anyway. Eventually, I ended up in the Army (11B) and went to Iraq twice with the 3rd Brigade 3rd Infantry Division. Blogging became the quickest, and most reliable, way for me to keep my friends and family informed. While I could not divulge a variety of information, anything I posted helped relax the people I cared about. If I was posting, I was alive.

So, here you’ll find a variety of opinions. Some aren’t even my opinions, just links to things I found to be worth reading. Sometimes I just post photos. Sometimes I write incredibly long entries. Sometimes I have nothing much to say at all. The theme of this all is that this is who I am. If it matters to me, I’ll probably mention it here at some point.