For quite a while I’ve wanted to make my own pizzas. I’m not sure why I never tried it until last night. Pizza, being basically the perfect companion for beer, is one of my favorite foods. My homebrew procedure even calls for pizza. You have to do something, other than drink homebrew, between hop additions. That something should probably be the consumption of pizza.

Last night, I made three different pizzas. The first wasn’t bad; it also wasn’t quite what I was going for. Number two was better, but still not quite there. The sauce needed some more flavor, and the crust wasn’t quite thin enough. Number three was very close to what I want out of a pizza. The crust was thin enough (though I wouldn’t say the shape was really round), the sauce well seasoned (thanks to Jordan), and the toppings a winner (pepperoni, mushrooms, and bell peppers). Of course number three was also too heavy for me to get off the peel without some assistance. I’ll have to figure out how to overcome that problem in the future.

The dough is probably where I’ll focus most of my energy on future pizzas. What I made last night tasted fine as a crust, but making it sure was a pain in the backside. Talk about sticky. I probably need more flour in it, but I’ll figure it all out eventually.


Pizza dough

number 3

Pizza number three, cooked.