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Day 104

Day 104

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Watched PoTC:AWE today, it was a screener – screeners have been proven to kill baby seals, which is sad. Eventually I will see an awesome copy, of a non-screener variety. In other news, I did absolutely nothing else – other than pay off my credit card completely, and prepare to change a few automatic payments to more quickly pay down my loan. Should things work as planned, I should end up saving nearly $500, which is more than enough for new tires and brakes for the SV.


A little of everything this time around. My wish list has been updated to reflect the stuff I do believe I’ll be buying when I get back. The top bit is stuff I plan on buying, and using in addition to the gear I already have for my shot at my crazy photography for $BLING$ idea/plan/hope/WhateverYouWantToCallIt(tm). The stuff at the bottom is more stuff I’d like to add, but can hold off for a while. Well over $15k in goodies combined.

Rumor has it there are some pretty good movies out, or coming out soon. I want them. Good movies rule. Brian, Jordan, this is pretty much a task for you – being the two dudes I trust most to recommend MoviesThatDon’tSuck(tm). Some funny stuff may well come out of the sandbox given a few plans floating around with some friends – and I’m more than willing to use whatever gear I have out here to help make them happen. Stay tuned.

I clean my M4 too much. Not that I assume it will see any use, but because I really can’t stand a filthy weapon. Walking to the toilet is enough to get it full of sand, and that is pretty annoying. In fact, just sitting here for 12 hours on shift is enough to let it collect enough sand for a small child to play in. Also, I miss my 1911s – why, I’m not sure, but I do. When I do return, I’m probably going to have to buy an M4, a carbine upper for my Commander, and a few thousand empty .45ACP cases, bullets, and primers (along with the required gunpowder.) I haven’t reloaded in a while, but I’ll definitely be rollin’ my own as soon as I can.

A few days ago a song popped into my head, lyrics first. Usually it happens musically first, then ReallyBadAndPointless(tm) lyrics show up. Actually, I’ve never had lyrics before I had music. Weird. Anyway, when I get a place, and some time, I shall record it. it’s in A Minor for anyone curious, but that’s all I’m saying. Having my Strat would be most helpful, as it could rock if I turned the volume to 11 – I’ll just have to do the unplugged cut first, and get it all loud and awesome later.

When I packed my BoxOfShitToSaveMeFromBoringDays(tm), I left out all my programming books. Big mistake. Don’t get me wrong, I still hate programming, and rarely come up with anything worth coding in the first place, but at least it gives me SOMETHING to do. Guess I’ll just have to download some AppleScript stuff and have fun “mastering” OS X, until I break something and have to use one of my spanky backups to save the day.

That is all for now.

How it be?

Last week was fun stuff – 3 day field exercise in the middle of the week. A full week after the start of this exercise, and I still haven’t figured out why the hell I had to go to the field. I did nothing, but I did nothing while awake for the majority of the 72 hour exercise (over 60 of them.) One thing I did do was attempt to explain that no matter how big a wire you put in front of a 15A fuse, if you draw more than 15A after that fuse, it’s going to blow. That isn’t a generator problem, that’s a You Are Far Too Stupid To Grasp Even The Most Simple Electrical Theory Problem. Someone figured that out, eventually – and did exactly what myself and another non-idiot suggested. They of course, took full credit for the solution.

The official word on my promotion came during the field exercise – and I’m a GO. Date of rank will be 1 Oct 2006, a Sunday – so I will be pinned SGT on 2 Oct. My intention right now is to fly home for the long weekend to see my family, and of course the beautiful and amazing Amanda. I’ll need as many smiles as she can give me as the next 5 or so months of my life will like suck. From late October to late November I’ll be at the Warrior Leader’s Course, then it’s time for Thanksgiving followed by getting prepped for our rotation at the National Training Center. I don’t wish to risk taking leave over Christmas and being stoplossed as a result, so I have to make sure I will be able to take two 4 day passes on the key weekends I need (Christmas itself, and Natalie’s wedding.) This could of course backfire, and leave me with a large number of leave days after a stoploss which is not as much a problem as it seems.

That last statement deserves some explaination. I stand to have around 50 days of leave saved up when I am supposed to get out of the Army. That’s a good chunk. If I get stoplossed, and deploy for a year, I’ll probably have a full 60 to 65 days. When we get back, I will take all 60 days of terminal leave and go home to get settled in. I won’t have to worry about work, just getting things sorted out – like looking for a job, getting enrolled in school, and eating good food. The Army will still be paying me. At the end of that time, I’ll return to Ft. Benning and finish clearing out of the Army at which point I may resume life as normal.

Lately I’ve hit the movies a few times. If you like martial arts films, get yourself to “Fearless”, it rocks. I didn’t mind “Flyboys”, though some nitpicked that it was a bad movie, it entertained me. I want to go see “The Black Dhalia” and “The Prestige”, and that’s about all that holds my interest at this moment.

As soon as I pin on SGT I am going to try and move out of the barracks. I lack lease history in my credit report, and apparently my motorcycle insurance is higher for that (according to my insurance company anyway) – it is valid though, as I have no property lease history at all. Right now I am also completely out of space in my barracks room. Even if I did buy a Mac Pro right this red hot second, there’s nowhere for me to put it here. I’d like to get some video processing power, and see what all the fuss is about wrt to Apple’s huge displays. I don’t think I’ll have a problem with any of it myself.

Right now I have no good way to mount/store my video camera when I’m recording motorcycle rides. Keeping it in my tankbag causes problems due to the sensitivity of the stop button, and the power switch. I’m going to have to come up with some way to mount the camera where I can easily manipulate the controls, while keeping it out of the wind and soaking up vibrations – all the while keeping it out of my way when I’m riding. That might be a challenge, but I’m up for it.

I’ve taken a few photos lately, so here they are.


Vacant by the River

Vacant by the River

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend should be pretty decent. I’ll be going with some friends to watch X3 tonight. After several months back, I finally decided to wash my truck – I forgot how good it looked clean. When I get back from vacation I’ll have to actually hand wash it, and put a coat of wax on. The inside really needed to be cleaned out as well, seeing as there was a freaking live wolf spider in there last night (it was only live for a second – then I smashed it).

Put a few more miles on my motorcycle today, one of the people I work with wanted a ride, so S2 and S3 went to lunch. I kept the rubber side down, and decided when I got back I’d probably better clean, lube, and adjust my chain again. My best guess says I will need to replace my chain and sprockets at the end of the summer, just to be safe. I may go for a ride tomorrow just because I can.

Sometime I’ll get around to taking some more photos – I just don’t know of what yet.

Quick Catch-Up Post

Alright, a number of things have gone on in the last week – so I’ll do an all encompassing post on such matters. The correct front tire for my motorcycle came in, so I had the Michelin Pilot Powers mounted and thus far I love them. Steering is much quicker, and the bike is much more stable leaned over in a turn. Mid-week I got a call from the EENT folks over at Martin Army Community Hospital – somehow I came up on the list for refractive eye surgery. Nifty. I’ll be going to up to Ft. Campbell to let the Army shoot me in the eye with a laser next week. That last bit might screw my summer riding plans, as I’ll have to appropriately heal before attempting any major trips – especially any major trips on two wheels.

In less important news, I just watched a chick-flick with my friend Danielle. We saw “Stick It”, there was the typical level of cheese, along with the usual bad-kid-working-through-problems-to-make-a-major-impact plot – oh yeah, and spandex. It wasn’t horrible, I don’t remember wanting to kill myself during it – so that’s a plus I guess. If gymnastics is your thing, you’ll probably like it – I think, maybe.

That’s all for now.

Inside Man

All I can say is go see it. NOW! Good movie, though really when was the last time Denzel was in a movie that just sucked? Yeah I don’t remember either.

Avoid at all costs

If you value your time, or money – maybe even both, I strongly advise you not even consider watching either Ultraviolet or The Hills Have Eyes. Neither of these “films” are worth even stealing, were it possible to ask for a refund on time, I’d request those hours of my life back.

Star Wars, Eps 1-3

So I’m pretty far behind the curve on this – seeing as all three of these have been out on DVD for longer than a month, the first two having come out long before I even deployed. At any rate, I finally watched all three of them. I’m not a Star Wars purist, that wants to point out any and every inconsistency in the storyline. I rather enjoyed most of the fight scenes.

My biggest problem with the last two is the totally flawed logic displayed by Anakin Skywalker as he goes to the Dark Side and becomes Darth Vader. Let’s look at this for just one second – you’re a Jedi, a galactic super pimp if you will. You can use the force, and you have a shiny light saber. Oh yeah, you’re also shacked up with possibly the hottest Senator in the Republic. Who ditches Natalie Portman, for a chance to have your legs chopped off and your body burned by lava? Really, the voice thing is cool as Vader – and sure, mechanical limbs probably have their advantages – but dude, you lost Natalie Portman. You suck at life.

That is all.

Long dry spell

It has been a really long time since I watched a movie that just made me say wow. That may well be due to my deployment, but really we get movies shortly after they are released. I can’t really think of anything that’s come out since I left in January that just left me wanting to watch it again. Batman Begins was a good movie – but I doubt I watch it again. I liked Into the Blue but that’s probably more a factor of Jessica Alba being hot than the movie being good.

Where are the Boondock Saints, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Way of the Gun, or Memento type films of today? They seem to be scattered and rare, which sucks because a good movie is a pretty good way to kill a few hours.

Current Top 5

  • Bad Boys
  • Boondock Saints
  • Dogma
  • Hackers
  • Office Space
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