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Obama Administration Still Mistreating Alaskan WW2 Veterans

In early October I was made aware, by a fellow member of All American VFW Post 9182, that the Obama Administration has elected to throw 26 Alaskan WW2 veterans under the proverbial bus. I have followed the story since then, as have a few members of the media, and am most displeased by the lack of positive action on the part of the Obama Administrating in correcting this despicable act. Since this absolutely makes my blood boil, I will leave the fine art of crafting an appropriate statement to those better able to do so.

Click here to read the All American VFW Post 9182 Press Release regarding this matter, and learn what you can do to help restore the pensions of 26 elderly veterans who fought for American interests, and their homelands, long before I would ever wear the uniform of an American soldier.

A little news for the night.

Click here for a piece I hope is accurate in its predictions about the direction President Obama is likely to take with his upcoming SCOTUS appointment.

Click here for some politics related to the issue above.

Click here for a glimpse into Justice Souter.

Click here for talk on opening the internet in censorship-heavy nations (Iran, China and others).

Lion’s Club Tube Rental Fire, San Marcos, Texas

The cause of the fire is unknown thus far. Large parts of the building are severely damaged. Read more at The University Star.

Vehicle Accident, Sessom and Pleasant, San Marcos, Texas.

Sessom Wreck, originally uploaded by Anthony J. Martinez.

Wet roads and blind turns result in a four vehicle accident at the intersection of Sessom Drive and Pleasant Street. More information at The University Star.

Tea Party 2009

Tea Party, 2009, originally uploaded by Anthony J. Martinez.

Students from Texas State University speak out against the Federal Reserve while supporting H.R. 1207, a bill calling for an audit of recent Federal Reserve activity. More from The University Star.

News Roundup – 29MAR2009

Magliocchetti closing shop may be a sign of change. I’d advise one stay tuned to this if for no other reason than to see how the current Congress reacts to investigations into ethics abuses by members of the current majority party. One can only hope the same fervor is applied within ranks as it is across party lines.

Climate change heretics or rational thinking from a genius of science. CAUTION: Incredibly long read (8 pages).

Not looking good in Mexico. Many of Mexico’s government institutions are just as corrupt as the cartels, making this an interesting battle to say the least. I’m still planning to spend a month there this summer.

Suggestion that more government is the answer. Decide for yourself.

Bad news for Iraq I’m afraid. This is definitely not what is needed to secure anything that resembles lasting peace, or even provide for the possibility of such a thing. Even worse, there is apparently now neo-Zarqawism. It would appear that the bomb we dropped on him didn’t vaporize his influence.

Twitter and Politicians? While I use the social-networking medium myself, I know if I’m tweeting, I’m generally not paying too much attention. Hopefully, our members of Congress are all paying as much attention as humanly possible right now.

More unconstitutional legislation is surprising from such a scholar of constitutional law. Well, it would be surprising if it were not for the tremendously consistent pattern for circumventing that document.

Tuition freeze talks in Texas. That should be well received by college students across this state. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about such things.

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